Billie Eilish - Oxytocin (From Disney’s Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter To LA) 

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: A Love Letter To Los Angeles - A Billie Eilish Concert Experience, now streaming on . with Gustavo Dudamel and the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl.

Listen to the new album “Happier Than Ever”, out now: BillieEilish.lnk.to/HappierTh...

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31.08.2021 г.




Зарежда връзки.....

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Ana Leonardo
Ana Leonardo преди 22 минути
Billie, you are amazing! Love it!
Paloma Tamhazian
Paloma Tamhazian преди 3 часа
1:26 this is so...dammn girl!
Angel David Pérez Vega
Angel David Pérez Vega преди 3 часа
Like si eres mexicano 😜👌
tesh Costa
tesh Costa преди 4 часа
gente...eu juro que ouvi essa música com esse clip, porém o áudio era versão studio
tesh Costa
tesh Costa преди 4 часа
Eu tô tipo ????m
Krisstina khanna
Krisstina khanna преди 5 часа
its really satisfying with the awsome voice and the matching beats plus video
king rp
king rp преди 8 часа
Yo m.bgbin.info/code/video/YqiDpnPIn9CmrdA.html
Rosella Aparicio
Rosella Aparicio преди 8 часа
Nadia преди 8 часа
I like how they did the instrumental here better then the album version, but both are still amazing 🖤
Dark shadow
Dark shadow преди 10 часа
Who from Iran
Isobel Palk
Isobel Palk преди 11 часа
Our little demon
روان احمد
روان احمد преди 13 часа
persiu преди 13 часа
Jerk'd Caribbean Cuisine
Jerk'd Caribbean Cuisine преди 15 часа
Unbelievably good!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Ελια Παπαδοπούλου
Ελια Παπαδοπούλου преди 16 часа
so what
so what преди 17 часа
this is f'd up. if you know anyone struggling with addiction .. why do you glamorize drugs and addiction?
DatbillieeilishGurl😁😝 преди 17 часа
I love you bille im a huge fan 💓 💖 ❤
EmilyC. преди 18 часа
Aayat Singh
Aayat Singh преди ден
Always focus on Billie eye's 👀
Angel of Death
Angel of Death преди ден
I love how this song is so up beat but a little eerie at the same time. I’m literally obsessed with this.
20 Subscribers Without Video Challenge
I pray who ever reads this, You will meet Billie Eilish
DPCN reactions
DPCN reactions преди ден
Can't get enough of this song!
I relate to this song so much ur such. A queen
Wanessa Santana
Wanessa Santana преди ден
imagino a vibe dessa música no pole dance 🔥
Johan Barragan
Johan Barragan преди ден
sarina hekmati
sarina hekmati преди ден
Lucas Jesus
Lucas Jesus преди ден
Gente, alguém pode me apresentar músicas similares a essa? Nesse estilo é que você fica doidão fumando 🚬 um, parece que você tá na buatchy bêbado e tá tudo girando , álcool na mente, ahhhhhhhhh que música PHODA!!!!! 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Magdy Gohar
Magdy Gohar преди ден
You're voice is unbeliveable and you're so cool omg i really like your songs
Redouan Mbarki
Redouan Mbarki преди ден
Billiie Eilish Is so fan 😘😘😘😘
Redouan Mbarki
Redouan Mbarki преди ден
So so so so so cool
Redouan Mbarki
Redouan Mbarki преди ден
Redouan Mbarki
Redouan Mbarki преди ден
Hi Billie You are cool and I like so so so you😘😘😘😍💗💗✌✌✌✌❤❤💕💕💕💕☺😊😊😊😀😀😇😇😇😘😘💜💜💓💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😇😇😘😘😘✌✌✌❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😘😘So cool
The தமிழ் Directioner 🇮🇪
I mean, the song, the lyrics, the whole vibe, BILLIE, her shirt just amazing. And FINNEAS!!! HE'S KILLING IT
Johannaxdrawing преди ден
Wtf this is so good 😮😮😲
Hala Yasser
Hala Yasser преди ден
Hala Yasser
Hala Yasser преди ден
Valentina Isaia
Valentina Isaia преди ден
Snehali Datta
Snehali Datta преди ден
soviet frog
soviet frog преди ден
the breakdown at the end should’ve been a part of the original song tbh
ماتيوِM преди ден
اكو عرب بطياره؟
Parachute Always
Parachute Always преди ден
thms преди ден
Is that singing?
Catsoverhumans преди ден
that was fucking amazing.
lomada soheed
lomada soheed преди ден
Who like this video. Let's see how many members will watch a day so keep one like here
{• BallorBy •}
{• BallorBy •} преди ден
Lots of people
Billie Elilsh
Billie Elilsh преди 2 дни
i love this song
Марина Еременко
Марина Еременко преди 2 дни
Amanda Beca
Amanda Beca преди 2 дни
Amanda Beca
Amanda Beca преди 2 дни
Amanda Beca
Amanda Beca преди 18 часа
@Lucas Jesus SIM AHHHH
Lucas Jesus
Lucas Jesus преди ден
Eu quero a toooooooour... imagina uma buatchy com essa música e tudo girando pq eu vou estar fumadoooooo
Amanda Beca
Amanda Beca преди 2 дни
Alzemiro Iago
Alzemiro Iago преди 2 дни
camilo moreno
camilo moreno преди 2 дни
Tremendo viaje astral te pega esta canción xdd
Daniel Villanueva
Daniel Villanueva преди 2 дни
this is dinsey omfg xD
Anderson Favero
Anderson Favero преди 2 дни
Que hino é esse??? 😍😍😍😍❤❤
Anderson Favero
Anderson Favero преди ден
@Lucas Jesus siiiiiiiiiiimmmmm causação com essa musica na buatchy EU QUERO rsrrs
Lucas Jesus
Lucas Jesus преди ден
Socorroooooooo... eu quero a toooooooour..... e essa música focando na buatchy
Jagoda Lewicka
Jagoda Lewicka преди 2 дни
what is it how brilliant it is I can how brilliant it is I can not! ❤️
Susan Malena Torres pinzón
Susan Malena Torres pinzón преди 2 дни
flakita te amo ahhhh
new новости
new новости преди 2 дни
I love you ❤️
new новости
new новости преди 2 дни
Wow very cool song
Porch Pone
Porch Pone преди 2 дни
Porch Pone
MindofLiz преди 2 дни
This song is literally insane
farida eldegwy
farida eldegwy преди 2 дни
This part reminds me of an Egyptian movie called blue elephant 😂❤️ you’ll should see it it’s on Netflix too ✨✨
Z преди 2 дни
This songs literally describe the (in my opinion) sex predator's intentions and subsequence violent acts . And she is literally warning you to run away from that person or situation. So, this is not provocative song like you think. Disney made the right decision not removing this song in the love letter to LA performance.
Huston Brice
Huston Brice преди 2 дни
Hi 💝💝💋😉😉🥰🥰😍😍😍😎❤️❤️😚💕💕😘😘💕😘😘Hee Hee Aw
Rania Filippidou
Rania Filippidou преди 2 дни
People don't deserve such wonderful songs🧚🏻‍♀️
Pilar de los Angeles
Pilar de los Angeles преди 2 дни
this version hits different
Tyreese Allen
Tyreese Allen преди 2 дни
Why does this kinda have the beat of llevan polkka
E V A ツ
E V A ツ преди 2 дни
I love you, Billie Elish.💛💛💛💛
Bdhdhd Jsnskakkss
Bdhdhd Jsnskakkss преди 2 дни
new новости
new новости преди 2 дни
Скопированный текст автоматически отобразится здесьЗакрепите скопированные фрагменты, чтобы они не исчезли через часПроведите пальцем по роликам, чтобы удалить их
new новости
new новости преди 2 дни
Закрепите скопированные фрагменты, чтобы они не исчезли через часСкопированный текст автоматически отобразится здесьПроведите пальцем по роликам, чтобы удалить их
МЕЛЕК Ремз преди 3 дни
Кога се имама нова песен
Rachel Kerr
Rachel Kerr преди 3 дни
hello clubs! this is going to be a post covid favourite making people memories
George McFly
George McFly преди 3 дни
Gasinta Melani
Gasinta Melani преди 3 дни
Alfredo Reta
Alfredo Reta преди 3 дни
petition to make this the official music video cuz DAMN
Lucy Diaz
Lucy Diaz преди 3 дни
Que diosa 😩👊
victoria jazmin beltran arguello
Puede que la conozca hace como 1 año,pero amo su arte,su talento y sus canciones 😍💖💕💟💜
victoria jazmin beltran arguello
@Valentín Fernández Yo no tengo envidia DE NADIE,solo te hice una pregunta,para tu información,a mí me encanta Billie Eilish,no la conozco, además no te tengo envidia y sabes porque?
Valentín Fernández
Valentín Fernández преди ден
Vos sabes algo aparte porque yo la vi CUANDO iso un concierto por mi cuidad natal
Valentín Fernández
Valentín Fernández преди ден
Yo estoy enamorado de eya
victoria jazmin beltran arguello
@Valentín Fernández Mmm,me parece que es atracción nada más, siquiera la conoces del todo? Además no lo sé,ni siquiera escribes bien
Valentín Fernández
Valentín Fernández преди ден
Yo estoy enamorado completo de eya
matt преди 3 дни
i love this so much
Carolina Gómez Molina
Carolina Gómez Molina преди 3 дни
help I can't stop listening to this topic
Adam Sanchez
Adam Sanchez преди 3 дни
Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near. Jesus is coming soon. The Bible says "...Today is the day of salvation." 2 Corinthians 6:2 If you declare with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead, you will be saved. Romans 10 : 9 Jesus shed His blood on a cross and died for the forgiveness of our sins. God raised Jesus from the dead three days later. Now Jesus is at the right hand of God interceding for us. Romans 8 : 34
Ananya Prasad
Ananya Prasad преди 3 дни
This is my favourite thing in the whole world.
Laura Rushing
Laura Rushing преди 3 дни
Bruh got ghost in the shell 🐚🤣
Despoina Papastamou
Despoina Papastamou преди 3 дни
here voice is allways so deep
Diana Reyes
Diana Reyes преди 3 дни
Está canción huele a latexs
Fast looker
Fast looker преди 3 дни
Disney + is not just Disney content. To the confused people who don’t use Disney +
neo kaleo
neo kaleo преди 3 дни
John Lakis
John Lakis преди 3 дни
Love this song but you got to admit music and even the lyrics are very very Nine Inch Nails. But Im glad she is bringing this type of music to a whole new audience.
えび重宝 преди 3 дни
C.S Choi
C.S Choi преди 3 дни
👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
Tiro Libre
Tiro Libre преди 3 дни
Selena Gomez Journey Disney > Singer Billie Elish Journey Singer > Disney
Bubble Star
Bubble Star преди 3 дни
i also love this song!!! this is a masterpiece!!!
Julia Haven
Julia Haven преди ден
watchgirls18. com this song is everything i ever wanted and needed
Jhovan Giancarlo Artezano Paitan
Gwen Stacy
Nathan N
Nathan N преди 4 дни
I hope she dives into this aesthetic next
Atheena JJ
Atheena JJ преди 4 дни
Acm1hvn h
Acm1hvn h преди 4 дни
i love this sm
MISS BURNS преди 4 дни
Ashton Pearson
Ashton Pearson преди 4 дни
she is very attractive
Alora Parker
Alora Parker преди 4 дни
Best song off the album
JesusLovesYou! преди 4 дни
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sahel rnjbr
sahel rnjbr преди 4 дни
Ms Houndoom
Ms Houndoom преди 4 дни
2:32 from there she sounded so different. But so good
Jacinto Gonzalez
Jacinto Gonzalez преди 4 дни
La canción es prácticamente "TE VOY A DESTROZAR, CABRÓN". Es algo personal?.
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