Billie Eilish - Everybody Dies (Official Lyric Video) 

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Listen to "Everybody Dies" from the new album “Happier Than Ever”, out now: BillieEilish.lnk.to/HappierTh...

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Music video by Billie Eilish performing Everybody Dies (Lyric Video). © 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records


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29.07.2021 г.




Зарежда връзки.....

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beatriz gomes
beatriz gomes преди 6 часа
my favorite teacher died today...
Nathan Adamczuk
Nathan Adamczuk преди 7 часа
1:54 Star Wars?
Cellocutie преди 12 часа
Recently lost my emotional support animal and this has helped me a lot. I'm still not coping awesome but it's comforting to know I'm not the only one sobbing to this or experiencing grief. Wishing everybody out there healing and peace.
MAKI STUDIO преди 19 часа
This song discribes my dark thoughts that I'm coping with for a year
G. komni
G. komni преди 20 часа
Am I the onlyone who still listening?
Don Suter
Don Suter преди ден
Charley and Beau Gibson
Charley and Beau Gibson преди ден
This album is so underrated what are people thinking. all the haters of this album are crazy I love it it’s awesome. People are just idiots for saying it’s her flop era
SergerenRecords преди ден
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Emine B
Emine B преди ден
''when its time you might dont wanna go but its okay to cry'' damn that hits hard
leen abid
leen abid преди ден
this really hits hard… the fact i understand every word in this song at 14 is just sad
eve m
eve m преди ден
When you come back to listen to that sweet breath you heard the first time you listened when you here stormzy making comment on it during their interview! Beautiful!
Brian Underwood
Brian Underwood преди ден
The one you can't get Back‼️
Amanda Beca
Amanda Beca преди 2 дни
Sam Universe
Sam Universe преди 2 дни
So smoooth
Talisson85 преди 2 дни
I needed to hear this at this exact point of my life. Thank you.
Porch Pone
Porch Pone преди 2 дни
Porch Pone
Sidney преди 3 дни
Really needed to hear this right now. Your music is art. So beautiful and creative.
jQuery Joys
jQuery Joys преди 3 дни
😯OMG My favorite song❤
Ingrid Smith
Ingrid Smith преди 3 дни
This song is so good, it makes me feel better with myself, specially lately that I've been having some existencial thoughts.
MrRobertcarlson преди 3 дни
You see Billie, this is why everyone loves you.
vanessa rosalas
vanessa rosalas преди 3 дни
I struggle with depression and anxiety and i just found out that I’m suicidal so she has been helping me a lot she has made such a huge empact in my life she’s the reason why I don’t and she’s the reason why I’m still here cause if she can do it so can i and that’s my motivation my motivation is her music..I love you Billie❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺
vanessa rosalas
vanessa rosalas преди 3 дни
@Orsolya Csintalan I’ll try🥺
Orsolya Csintalan
Orsolya Csintalan преди 3 дни
Keep holding on
Abdullah Al Mamun
Abdullah Al Mamun преди 3 дни
bruuh i love her to death
Lisa Scherma
Lisa Scherma преди 4 дни
matt преди 4 дни
her best ballad i think it’s so hitting but confusing i love this
matt преди 4 дни
listen to 1:39 omg
Constanza Melian Valdez Cruz
Constanza Melian Valdez Cruz преди 4 дни
I love you so much
Mimosa преди 4 дни
X_bby_bird_raven_X преди 5 дни
I just realized how pretty this song is 😶😶😄😄
Shiek_i s_Zelda
Shiek_i s_Zelda преди 5 дни
unus annus vibes
DamorEda преди 5 дни
her voice is so relaxing in this song
Jason Ricketts
Jason Ricketts преди 5 дни
RIP to life before COVID-19 😢💔
Noémie1608 преди 5 дни
Favorite song of the album
MrMarcol29 преди 6 дни
I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️this song. ✌️
Aïe Aïe
Aïe Aïe преди 6 дни
Maybe this song will be listened to in the future by humans who have become immortal, and who will then decide to commit suicide, nostalgic of our time when everything had an end and when being sad had a reason.
Sophia Fennell
Sophia Fennell преди 6 дни
This song is everything to me
Rumi Usagiyama
Rumi Usagiyama преди 6 дни
perfection 🥲
Carys Kavanagh
Carys Kavanagh преди 6 дни
Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near. Let the wicked forsake their ways and the unrighteous their thoughts. Let them turn to the Lord, and he will have mercy on them, and to our God, for he will freely pardon. Isaiah 55:6‭-‬7
Just a Bruin
Just a Bruin преди 6 дни
This song hurts. In a beautiful way.
Carla van Rensburg
Carla van Rensburg преди 6 дни
I’m in love with the breaths that were left in
mamad преди 7 дни
nobody : me crying
Eden Elbaz
Eden Elbaz преди 7 дни
billie if we don't listen to this one as much as the others on the album it's not because its bad it's because it's painful i promise
Little Emi.
Little Emi. преди 7 дни
Bro I’m watching 9/11 and listening to Billie Eilish singing “everybody dies,” I literally cried, thank you 🙏🏻
Marcus Andersson
Marcus Andersson преди 7 дни
This song is really beautiful and the line "Everybody dies" is so true, because everybody does die at some point
Indrani Kaushik
Indrani Kaushik преди 8 дни
The beat and bgm is soon suitable for a rainy day like today
Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva преди 8 дни
This song! My fav ❤️
alexander valencia cobos
alexander valencia cobos преди 8 дни
lo mas hermoso y triste de una cancion
Orlandex преди 8 дни
Leo Lewis
Leo Lewis преди 8 дни
I just realised that that sound is like a heartbeat and at the same tempo as usual heartbeat omg.. at least that’s my interpretation
Cesar Lopez Flores
Cesar Lopez Flores преди 8 дни
patate boss
patate boss преди 9 дни
i cant explain how much i LOVE HOW this song sound ... this instru in slowed is just perfect
patate boss
patate boss преди 9 дни
i cant explain how much i LOVE HOW THIS SONG sound... omggg chills
Hope Munga
Hope Munga преди 9 дни
this hits hard when you just wanna die
Lealdo Costa
Lealdo Costa преди 9 дни
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Yulexis Victoriano
Yulexis Victoriano преди 9 дни
Something about this reminds me of "come out and play" both beautiful songs💕
Justine Mike
Justine Mike преди 9 дни
my best song on the album
Maki_Rollin преди 10 дни
i’m still crying to this song
Arnolde Lion
Arnolde Lion преди 10 дни
Nikkie Nightingale
Nikkie Nightingale преди 10 дни
Yep that's right everybody dies but would you want to know or not? I'd rather not know but yeah everybody dies fuck Billie Eilish why are you so brilliant babe your songs and lyrics always hit me so deep. Love you millions girl 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🌹🌹🌹
Ashley преди 10 дни
I want this played at my funeral
Wolfgang Romine
Wolfgang Romine преди 10 дни
This song sounds _significantly_ better with headphones, please don't listen to this without them, it's way better.
Ravish Ranjan
Ravish Ranjan преди 10 дни
Suhana Rajput
Suhana Rajput преди 10 дни
Verse 3 and 4 Hits soooo hard😢😭😭
Travis LoneBear
Travis LoneBear преди 10 дни
This needs to be bte skit with lance archer
Io Man2109
Io Man2109 преди 10 дни
You listen to his breathe ?????????????? so magic !
salsabila hesham
salsabila hesham преди 11 дни
listening to this after reading a little life :(
Daniel Alfonso
Daniel Alfonso преди 11 дни
my mom hurd this song and made me send her it
Flor Arias
Flor Arias преди 11 дни
Lost 6 angels last year 💔 Can’t explain how much this song hurts 🥺
Life with me: Jessie Marie
Life with me: Jessie Marie преди 11 дни
I cant listen to this song without crying
Hani Hdd
Hani Hdd преди 11 дни
I wish this came out few years ago..I really needed it..thank uu billie ..
Kelly Peñuela
Kelly Peñuela преди 11 дни
in some parts I feel like she's singing for me
Saman Khalid
Saman Khalid преди 11 дни
and then they say she isnt talented...bruh what?
sah♡ преди 11 дни
Go to 200K likes
sah♡ преди 11 дни
Go to 10K comments
Xx Snugs xX
Xx Snugs xX преди 11 дни
I’ve asked myself that a million time “why would you wanna stay if everybody goes”I’ve never had a song make me cry the way this song did.
Melissa Zam
Melissa Zam преди 12 дни
This song makes me cry and I love it
Adriano Paredes
Adriano Paredes преди 12 дни
Está canción siempre me hace llorar la amo mucho, billie siempre haces arte nunca dejes de hacerlo
ً 18
ً 18 преди 12 дни
Ahhhh billie you make me cry but that’s okay i still love u
Veronica Cozzolino
Veronica Cozzolino преди 12 дни
beautifoul song
Zee преди 12 дни
I really love her lyrics is not always about love life but about life as well.
Charlotte Q ε Q
Charlotte Q ε Q преди 13 дни
After all these years,when i first heard this song, I realized...I've lost a precious friend...
maria vega
maria vega преди 13 дни
I like her style and her rhythm. It is unique and new. Her voice is so beautiful and she play with the lyrics (always with a message) and the sound of her voice that she control very well and the sound of the instruments. But the most I like is that her voice is the principal instrument. Her own voice is the music. The instruments are only a weak back ground. But her voice, her style, her lyric and rhythm is what domain in the song. I love it.
Danna CyberFairy
Danna CyberFairy преди 13 дни
This is how heroin would sound
qlamouroki преди 13 дни
this is one if my favorites of her album
Jimmy Lujan
Jimmy Lujan преди 13 дни
Hits the heart
r ali
r ali преди 13 дни
In this song it's like billie is our mom and she is comforting us by telling "But it's okay to cry, and it's alright to fold" like a bedtime poem to make us go to sleep.... Man....She really does make her songs feel like home....
Du Khiếu
Du Khiếu преди 13 дни
this song change me. i can't understand how she can deeply contemplate about death at her age.
Maleka Latesh Watson
Maleka Latesh Watson преди 14 дни
“everybody dies, when will i 😞💔”
Ana yaleyantunes💞
Ana yaleyantunes💞 преди 14 дни
finneasera преди 14 дни
This song is another part of eodw goodbye six feet under and i love u
mwada modi
mwada modi преди 14 дни
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